Interlocking block Machine,.
Pressing block Machine,
Soil-cement brick Machine,
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Interlocking block machine.
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Interlocking brick
Interlocking block building.
Interlocking block mathod
Other machines


Hydraulic Shearing Steel Machine (KS-75)

  • All in One Hydraulic Machine
  • Single Button Operation
  • 3 hp Moter
  • Dimension 600x700x600xmm.
  • Weight 410 kgs.
  • Specification (All can do)



Bending & Cutting Machine

Two in One Hydraulic Machine (KB-32)
Bending & Cutting for Mildsteel 32 MM.
Cutting speed 6 Bar/Min.
Bending Angle to 180* 7 Sec.
Motor 3 HP.
Dimension 51x112x112 Cms.
weight 500 Kgs.


Hydraulic Shears Machine

Shearing metal sheet up to 1-12 mm. Thickness

made for your order


Finishing stand machine

Bending strip steel for straight by roller.


1.Bending strip steel thickness 3-6 mm.

2.Bending strip steel thickmess 6-12 mm.

3.Bending strip steel thickness 12-20 mm.

4.Bending strip steel thickness 25 mm.

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Plate Bender Machine

Rolling platel for tank.

Moter 1 hp. 220 v. and/or manual control

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Para Rubber RollingPressing Machine

1.Manual system

use handle control.

2.Electic system

motor 1/2 hp.



Pressing Para rubber Machine

Pressing para rubber to thin

easy and fast

Moter 2 hp. 220 v.

make for your order.